Brewer Machine & Gear Co.


Brewer is the "original" line of universal tensioners, positioners, and idlers. Brewer was the first to establish a standard line of tensioners. Unlike other tensioners that have come on the market, Brewer's designs are such that our wide range of models are "universally" adaptable to most tensioning applications. Most competitive units can only be utilized in a very narrow range.

Brewer Machine & Gear Co., founded in 1944, is unique in the power transmission industry. Not only does Brewer stock standard gears and sprockets, it manufactures a wide range of "custom" gears and sprockets. Brewer manufactures spurs, helicals, miters, bevels, worms, worm gears, timing pulleys, (including HTD) and sprockets to the customer's specifications.

Brewer is a distributor for a wide variety of power transmission and bearing manufacturers.
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