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Why Use a Tensioner?

Belts and chains stretch or elongate through usage. As belts wear, the initial tension is lessened and will result in slippage, and consequently, horsepower loss; unless a form of take-up is used to restore the belt to its original tension. As chains wear, they are elongated and can result in slapping or increased vibration. This shock loading can also result in added bearing wear. Both chain and belt drives, if allowed to run loose, will show an increased rate of wear.

The Universal Drive Tensioner was designed to operate in all directions and adjusts easily as tension requirements change. A properly tensioned drive runs smoother and quieter, delivers maximum horsepower, and wears longer.

The advantages of UNIVERSAL Drive Products

  • Low cost take-up for chain and belt drives
  • Idler shafts are:
    • Interchangeable with all models
    • Hardened and ground for maximum Idler life
    • Shouldered and threaded into units and locked with a set screw to ensure maximum rigidity
  • S & T Series
    • Full 360º positioning
    • Serrated pad for positive locking
    • Slot in base to provide precision tensioning, as well as additional vertical movement
    • Rotating arm for greater adjustment
  • T-Series - Automatic Tensioning
  • H-Series - Screw Sdjustment and Positive Locking
  • L-Series - Adjusting and Positioning
  • Universal Tensioners and Positioners are painted and mounting bolts plated to provide maximum rust protection
  • Idlers - Both Needle Bearings and Bronze Bushed
  • For single and multiple width drive


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